#Overheard At The Coffee Shop: Volume IV

#Overheard At The Coffee Shop: Volume IV

spaying - binoculars

Welcome to another edition of me “accidentally” hearing other people’s conversations! And then them “mysteriously” landing on this blog here!

You know what they say – what happens at coffee houses does not stay at coffee houses πŸ˜‰

And we’ve got a ton to offload on ya today too as they’ve been adding up over the year since our last one and cracks me up just revisiting some of these again, haha… It really does take all kinds to run this world of ours, and a few of these characters are certainly highlighted here.

Hope you enjoy, as you prob won’t learn anything! πŸ™‚


Overheard At The Coffee Shop:


“Beaver Bucks! Everyone knows what they are… Beaver Bucks!”

Um… nope. Can’t say that everyone does, haha… And my “no interjecting” rule prevented me from jumping in unfortunately and asking!

“Windows aren’t sexy, but a guy’s gotta be comfortable.”

Haha… I’m assuming this was around home upgrades?

“I’m gonna sue them bro… And I have the money for it! As soon as I finish this term paper, I’m totally suing them bro.”

Not too often you hear “suing” and “term paper” in the same sentence πŸ™‚

“How much do you think my thigh weighs?”

Not even touching that one…

Person #1: “The new Tesla car is only $35,000”
Person #2: “My father’s first house was $35,000!”

Now that’s perspective!!

“Rock, paper, scissors… OCEAN!! (I wash you away!)”

Next up was “Rock, paper, scissors… DETENTION!” but couldn’t catch what that one did πŸ˜‰ Maybe beats out all but the paper? Since rocks and scissors have a higher probability of getting you in trouble, unless you’re Mr. Sue-Happy Term Paper Bro? πŸ˜‰

“I save Shakespeare until 8th grade when the kids can handle how dirty he is.”

Is he really??

“It’ll be India all over again, where you’re naked with a middle-aged woman. Only we won’t be oiled up this time.”


Teen: “You know what “swag” means, mom?”
Mom: “Of course I know what swag means!”

Work it, mom…

“The disease is hereditary. But you actually don’t know you have it until you just one day drop dead.”

Can you imagine? 😦

“Just because you said it two years ago, doesn’t mean you have to still do it!”

YES YES YES!!!! IT’S COMPLETELY OKAY TO CHANGE YOUR MIND on stuff when life changes!! Which is like all the time, so why would you stick to yesterday’s plans when the future just flipped on you?? Smart people tweak their plans and adapt to the changing world, stubborn ones don’t…

Person #1: “I’m back like a bad penny!”
Person #2: “You might be the penny someone’s looking for!”


“A couple years ago I met a couple who retired at 28 and 29 and left their jobs to live a life according to their values… Now we’re about to do the same in three years since they’ve been mentoring us.”

I swear, I really did hear this one and did NOT plant it! πŸ™‚ This was real people talking about real epic $hit here and I loved hearing every last word of it… I could have hugged these guys if it didn’t give away my slyness!

“I want all my debt gone within 6 months… We have $70,000 in cash and a $120,000 townhouse that’s paid off in full. We should be able to do this, right?”

Another great money one!! And I would hope it’s enough to pay off the debts?? Though I never caught exactly how much debt we were talking about here… errr, what THEY were talking about here πŸ˜‰

“I would buy this if I were allowed to… Unfortunately my wife won’t tolerate any other person’s art in our house except for her own.”

Best line of the year right there, haha… I was DYING listening to this conversation… DYING.

“Can you put your frog in your pocket?”

Let’s not, and say we did. (Remember that comeback???? 90’s era baby – yeah!)

Mom: “So what did you think about the DMV?”
3 y/o daughter: “It was FUN!!!”
Mom: “What now?”

Doesn’t take much to entertain a kid πŸ™‚

“Being old and in retirement is the most expensive thing there is… Back in the day you didn’t have to worry about it when you died in your 40s – but these days we’re living until 80 and 90 years old!”

Yup, a good problem to have, but no less a problem! All the more reason to gobble up money blogs while you’re young and able to do something about it!!

“I can afford Starbucks two days a month: paydays”

Ironically enough said by a Panera worker, haha…

“Whenever you get the hiccups it means you’re growing taller”

Definitely not true, but definitely stealing to use on my kids πŸ˜‰

“I give homeless people a few bucks whenever I come across them… I used to give sandwiches but got tired of them throwing them on the ground right in front of me.”

Ugh… But good for him for not getting jaded and still wanting to help people! Sandwich throwing or not, they’re still much more troubled than any of us 😦

And lastly….

Wife to husband as he walks to throw something away: “You’re an old MEAN man…”
(Turns to me and asks if I agree once he leaves…)
Me: “Maybe he’s just grumpy today?”
Wife back to husband: “This guy here thinks your grumpy today!”

Serves me right for eavesdropping πŸ˜‰

Happy weekend everyone… Watch those wallets and secrets!

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