A Look at Other People’s Money :)

A Look at Other People’s Money 🙂

other people's money

Today we’re going to feature OTHER PEOPLE’S money on the site as I’m sure you’re tired of seeing mine all the time 😉

These are all snapshots sent over to me recently, mostly via email, and they really give you a great look into other people’s lives and financial stages they’re in. I’ve also tried to include some of the backgrounds from our convos to better put them in perspective.

Hope you can find a nugget or two to marinate on, or at the very least have fun comparing your $$$ to theirs! A perfectly acceptable thing to do when you’re on financial blogs 😉

Net Worth Snapshot #1: The Risk Taker

reader net worth

(Spreadsheet being used is from AbsoluteBudget.com (free))

Some background:

So I’ve never shared my net worth with anyone except my wife of course, but here is a screen shot from my excel spreadsheet!

I’ve paid off a whopping $19,451 since September!  My wife and I would love it if she didn’t have to go back to work, so we’ll try and figure that out in the next two months!  We have some cash on hand we could live off of, but spending more than you make can only last so long!

My net worth increase is mainly due to cryptocurrency, which peaked on January 7th!  What a crazy ride it’s been!

I asked him about his Crypto strategy and if he buys and holds as I don’t have the stomach for it myself (remember when I tried it for 3 weeks and then cashed out? Haha…), and here was his response:

I bought quite awhile ago and have realized some gains, paid off the vehicle with profits! I have some long term holds and some short terms holds that I’m willing to sell if they go up. I have re bought a few thousand worth, trying to hit another coin that would 10 or 15x.

Back in September of 2017 I also received my Ultimate Bet poker money that had been frozen since April of 2011. An extra $12k to the account was sure nice! I never dreamed I would see that money!

In case you can’t tell, our friend here likes some risk in his life 🙂 Check out that net worth growth since September though – up $30,000! He’s doing something right!

Net Worth Snapshot #2: The Newbie Financial Advisor

readers money

This is a guy who’s just beginning his journey as a financial advisor, and as you can see from the different “properties” up there, most of them relates to this career path. Here’s what he sent over that went along with this snapshot (in response to our “tip yourself” giveaway the other week):

To answer your question, I skipped my typical Friday morning Taco Bell Grilled Sausage Burrito this morning and tipped myself $1.07 or $2.15 – depending upon how hungry I would have been.  I’ve been saving for new running shoes since I’ll need 2 to 3 pairs while Marathon training this spring/summer/fall!

Also, the sale of our rental closed on Tuesday (and it was kind of a mess of a closing since they screwed the taxes up), but still great.  Plans tend to be a lot easier to follow/stomach when you super conservatively estimate the value of your non-stock-market assets. In this case my estimated value was about $50,000 or 18% lower than the actual value!

But here’s why it turned out super great: We paid off all debts except Tory’s student loan and the current credit card balances that will be paid automatically during the course of this month!  We also now have $20K of reserves!  Also, we’ll get another $1,896 back in taxes from the Escrow account once things are all sorted out!

Always feels good when things start falling into place 🙂 I still remember the feeling of closing on our house sale as if it were yesterday! FREEEEEDOOOOOOOOOM!!! Haha… (Also – NO MORE MORTGAGES! EVEN THOUGH I CHEATED AND JUST SOLD THE DAMN THING!)

Budget Snapshot #1: The Wife of J. Money, Circa 1995

mrs budgetsaresexy budget old

This will give away the age of my wife (sorry honey!), but as the note states – this is the “money budget” from when she was 13 years old… Not to be confused with any other types of budgets 😉

It looks like it only lasted about 3 weeks, but hey – not that different from many adults out there! Heyo! I found this in our trashcan as she was decluttering for our recent move, so hopefully she doesn’t hate me even more for posting it here as well 😉 That’s what you get when you marry a blogger though!! *evil cackle*

Budget Snapshot #2: The Kyrgyzstanian!

kyrgyzstan budget

This one comes from an email convo I had with a new reader (that you’ll see I already blasted out, haha…), but what I liked more than her crazy cheap living was the fact she uses a bulk of her savings to help out her friends in need! Like those drowning in medical debts and other unfortunate events! What a blessing to be able to afford such things, even with an income of only $2,000/mo (she’s retired).

If you look at the twitter conversations that came out of this though, you’ll see that there are plenty of other places where you can live super cheaply as well, one of them being Thailand where fellow blogger Jason Fieber ‏(MrFreeAt33.com) currently resides. He recently wrote a post on how little you need to live there, and believes you can even retire with only $200,000 if you live similarly! It’s not for everyone of course, but fun to think about just the same…

You can find that post here: Can You Retire In Thailand With $200,000?

(Astute readers may have noticed a miscalculation in that tweet up there, as the $708/mo should actually be $808/mo, but it still doesn’t take away from how incredibly CHEAP that lifestyle is! Our family spends 7x that each month! 😱)

So there you have it. Lots of different lifestyles and net worths floating around! And that’s only a look at *four* peoples’!

If you liked this and want me to do another one later, let me know and we’ll make it happen… Also feel free to email me YOUR snapshot + background, and I’ll make your $$$ famous! 😉

Be well,

j. money signature


[For more $$$ nuggets, head over to Budgets Are Sexy!]

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