10 More #Savings Ideas For Ya

10 More #Savings Ideas For Ya

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What up, what up!

Here are a bunch of savings ideas from our community lately.

Hope you find one that turbocharges your wealth! 💰💰💰


The dollar bills trick: “I save one dollar bills with the number 7 on them.  It’s fun, and in 3 months I already have $250.00 cash.” – Tanya W.

The quarter roller trick: “What I do to save is I have a $10 quarter roller with the bottom taped shut, and whenever the extra money after bills in my wallet doesn’t end with a five or a zero (like, say, I have $13 in my wallet) I take that $3 and put it in the roller until it’s full. Then I throw it right into my savings and start adding to it again.” – AngelC

How to get free beer: “We realized if I started cutting my husband’s hair we could use that money each month to go on a happy hour date instead. If you drink enough, you don’t care how your hair looks. 😂 #FrugalLiving” – @Raina

How to feel better about buying stuff: “If you want to buy something, wait until you have twice as much money as you need, then buy the stuff AND the stock. – Mabel, GirlsOnTheMoney.com (Mabel is also the creator of one of my favorite sayings: “If you can afford the product, you can afford the stock!“)

How to avoid buying more stuff: “My co-worker has a great plan. Whenever he’s tempted to buy something that is a “want” and not a “need,” he immediately applies that same amount of money right to one of his debts. This is all done online and immediately, so the money he felt he could spare is now gone and he no longer feels the urge to buy the item anymore.” – Cari D.

What to do with extra cash: “I get cash tips and occasional payments frequently from my side hustles, and I have two rules for them: Cash rule 1 – it can NEVER be spent, only deposited. Cash rule 2 – It cannot go into an account linked with our daily lives (checking or main savings). Cash goes into the Acorns, Roth, 529, or a vacation fund if we have one open, but I like to treat it as money that I was never meant to have in the first place.” – Brian T.

An idea to pass along to all parents you know: “My mom, my husband, and I put all of our spare change in my son’s piggy bank (most of it is Grammy’s since we use debit cards and not much cash). Every summer, we roll it and bring it to the bank. EVERY YEAR my son deposits between $130 and $180!” – Tonya H.

An idea to pass along to all libraries you know! “Our library in town now gives receipts instead of a card in the back of the book – and it tallies how much you’ve saved this year by checking out books instead of buying them. I’m up to $1,170 this year! :)” – Emily

Another type of insurance policy: “I have a “coin collection” of sorts, but it is really a “metals” collection: I consider it an insurance policy against currency repudiation or a bank run (think of what happened in Greece or Cypress). I have a bunch of junk silver, and a bunch of gold and silver bullion coins. My goal is to have around $100,000 in this “insurance policy” (call it 2% of our net worth for rough figures) and I’m around half way there.” – Martinus

How to want less stuff: “Every Friday I take a predetermined amount of cash out of the ATM for miscellaneous small purchases. This helps me want less stuff because I end up wanting my cash more. Over the last month my daily spending has been under $3 a day!” — Sydney, TheUrbanKitten.com (Editor’s note: we call this The “Stranger” Test)


Have any tricks of your own? Let us know!

And if you’re craving more…

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