I want you to love your money like this guy…

I want you to love your money like this guy…

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There’s a saying that if you really want something bad enough you’ll find a way to make it happen.

Kinda like when you’re a broke ass college student, yet always manage to score booze every weekend 😉

I don’t know how badly you want freedom right now, but I can tell you this guy below sure wants it!

I just spent ~10-12 hours analyzing our 2018 monthly income statements and balance sheets and throwing it all into a chart-filled 19-slide Powerpoint deck for my wife and I’s epic 2018-in-review money meeting!

This is where we slice through 2018 data in all sorts of ways, display the 2019 plan we cooked up over the last few weeks, and then flash our all-time trendings now that we have 2 full years of data to drool over.

I do revenue analytics and forecasting by day, so our personal analysis gets some pretty & detailed charts too!

BOOM! Husband of the year!!

And while 19 pages may be a tad too much (18 I get, but 19???), fortunately you don’t need to be an analytics guru to track this stuff 😉 Old school pen and paper or spreadsheets do the trick too! What matters is that you know where you’ve been so you can see where you’re going.

But if you do want to channel our financial stud muffin friend, here’s a stripped out version of his Powerpoint presentation he passed over, sans #’s: 2018 Annual Review

Additional notes on it:

“This doesn’t have any of my commentary, repeated agenda slides, or BEAUTIFUL transitions – and I deleted out the number axes, etc – but you might find some of the charts interesting.

In 2018 we were laser focused on getting my core income over our expenses. Finally got there 🙂 I call our core recurring income our A.T.I.S.T. income – After Taxes Insurance Savings Investments.

Our normal monthly money meeting is just a one month income vs expense chart, an expense variance chart (pretty cool one showing categories we were most off in – under or over), and the cash flow plan through the end of the current year.”

So not only does he and his wife do a *yearly* recap and forecasting, but they also connect every *month* too to go over things! HUBBA HUBBA!

I asked him if it turns her on as much as it does me hearing this, haha, but sadly that was not the case… Although he did say she greatly appreciates it 😉

Regardless, you can tell they both really WANT this stuff badly, and constantly reviewing things will only help them reach their goals faster.

So A) If you’re not meeting up with your own spouse regularly to talk $$$, make it a goal to start this month! and B) If you’re single and/or your significant other hates money, ping me instead and I’ll happily be your accountability partner 🙂

Again, you don’t need anything as hardcore as this Powerpoint presentation to get going, but you DO need to know where you stand to better set yourself up for the future.

Everybody wants more money, but not everyone is willing to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! And the *doing* is where the magic lies!

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