Net Worth Update: $848,665.47 [Surprise Increase of $57,000?!]

Net Worth Update: $848,665.47 [Surprise Increase of $57,000?!]

net worth - january, 2019

Okay, I don’t know what happened in Jan to change the tides (I only look at my $$$ once a month), but that was a nice surprise out of nowhere!

Apparently it was the best January in 30 years?!

Whatever happened, I believe it wipes away one of the bigger losses from the past few months… (*goes to double check* – yup! $60,000 drop in October, and $61,000 loss in December! So now it only feels half as bad! Haha…)


And for paying everyone so quickly too! Another wild, and most welcome, surprise to close out the month… Amazing what happens when you actually put people first ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Not gonna miss any of that drama now that Mrs. BudgetsAreSexy changed jobs and no longer at the mercy of those imbeciles… I hope they can get it all squared away so history doesn’t repeat itself! Great time to AMP those savings if you’re still connected to them! (Also – thanks for your service!!)

Here’s how Januay’s Net Worth went down:

[NOTE: These reports are shared to better start discussions around money and to share *real life* financial numbers… Some months we’re up, and others we’re down (a lot lately! Haha…), but it all gets displayed in hopes of giving you a little more perspective on stuff. Here’s report #132.]

CASH SAVINGS (-$2,444.28): You like how I just advised people to amp their savings more while I’m here losing mine??? Haha… But the truth is that sometimes your blog makes a lot of money (like last month) and then others not as much 🙂 And I’m no longer the Super Hustler I used to be where I’d do anything to make it up… A nice perk perhaps of having your eggs in order?

THRIFT SAVINGS PLAN (TSP) (+$1,681.56): This area was a fun one to see, though! And I’m still digging how the % points are always so much higher than the other investments because of how small the balance is there comparatively 🙂 I wonder if the *timing* of when my wife’s furloughed contributions hit had anything to do with it too?

BROKERAGE (+$4,095.73): Back over the initial $50k we deposited last year – woo! Our first foray into non-retirement accounts in an attempt to diversify more, even though it’s still invested in the same fund our others are, haha… (VTSAX)

ROTH IRAs (+$11,002.07): Nothing new happening here except for the markets doing its thing… We plan on maxing these puppies out as soon as we get the A-OK from our accountant so I don’t F it up again like last year 🙃

SEP IRA (+$43,280.03): Same deal here – nothing new added or paid attention too, but should also get a filling up along with the Roths later this month. Here’s a snapshot of how everything’s been going since switching over to Vanguard a few years ago:

vanguard returns - jan, 2019

(All funds are in VTSAX – Vanguard’s Total Stock Market Index Fund)

CAR VALUES (-$100.00): And then last we have the cars… just slowly dwindling own until all that’s left is a pile of metal! But so long as that pile of metal gets us places – and safely – I am one content guy 😉

Though we did start test-driving minivans like I think I mentioned last month, and I gotta say – the Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey were actually pretty decent! I can totally see myself creeping by in them, windows down and hip-hop music blasting, haha… That wouldn’t be weird at all, right? RIGHT???

Here’s a breakdown of what we currently rock from Kelly Blue Book (valued at the lowest range of “FAIR” condition, just to keep things super conservative, and also because I know more dings and scratches are still to come ;)):

  • Lexus RX350: $7,322.00 (fully paid off)
  • Toyota Corolla: $2,306.00 (fully paid off)

Total change in net worth: (+) $57,515.11

And then here’s a snapshot of how the past 12 months have gone for better perspective… As you can see, it certainly hasn’t always been on the Up and Up!

net worth - last 12 months

And my kids have net worths too, of course 😉

Here’s the latest numbers on those, along with a fresh selfie of Baby Dime and I before bed the other night… He’s happy because he found his penis in the bathtub (sorry, but true!).

baby net worths jan 2019

And that’s Jan!

How’d you guys do?? I’d imagine pretty well if you didn’t pull out of the markets! Anyone cross a major milestone and want to shout it out from the rooftops??

As always, spreadsheets and tools for those new to the Tracking Game are below, and if you’d like to see any of the previous 130+ updates of our net worth, you can find those here –> J. Money’s Money

Happy Feb! Fresh new month for hitting goals and killing debts! 💪

j. money signature


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