New Book (and Giveaway): “Work Optional” by Tanja Hester of

New Book (and Giveaway): “Work Optional” by Tanja Hester of

work optional book - tanja hester

What up what up!

Another new $$$ book just hit the shelves today!

This one’s called “Work Optional: Retire Early the Non-Penny-Pinching Way” and comes way of Tanja Hester of the popular FIRE blog,

It’s been getting some mixed reviews, but considering she retired early at 38 and is now living The Good Life, chances are there are some solid tips in it 😉 So if you enjoy her blog or all things FIRE-related, be sure to give it some consideration!

Before we get more into it though, let me announce the winner of last week’s “Financial Freedom” book giveaway real quick…. And the lucky winner who’ll be receiving a free copy of that one is Blair P! Congrats, man! Let me know when you hit the “I Quit” button! 😉

Alright, here’s more on Work Optional from Amazon:

In today’s work culture, we’re expected to hustle around the clock. But what if you could escape the traditional path and get on one that doesn’t require working full-time until age 65? What if you could wake up every day without an alarm clock and do the things you love most?

Tanja Hester and her husband Mark left their crazed careerist lifestyle to live their dream life in Lake Tahoe, retiring early from high-stress careers. Now Tanja will help you map out a customized plan for freedom and make it easy to succeed, whether you’re good at math and budgeting-or not!

Work Optional is more than just a financial plan: it’s a plan for your whole life-designed by you, not by an employer or clients. Tanja walks you through envisioning your dream life, accounting for variables such as health care and children, protecting yourself from recessions and future unknowns, and achieving a purpose-filled early retirement, semi-retirement, or career intermission with completely doable, non-penny-pinching steps.

You can live a happier, more meaningful life, free from the daily grind. Regardless of where you are in your career, Work Optional will get you there.

And then here are some of the more specific topics it covers:

  • How to build a solid early retirement financial plan
  • How to account for future expenses you can plan for—and those you can’t
  • How to retire early with kids, as a single person, or while supporting loved ones
  • How to save money fast without pinching pennies
  • How to make your plan bulletproof to withstand economic downturns

I haven’t paged through it myself, but she’s definitely exploded on the scene in recent years and I can attest to how smart she is. So hopefully you get something out of it if you try it!

More info can be found on her blog here, and you can pick it up at Amazon here (as well as your local library at some point I’d imagine too): Work Optional: Retire Early the Non-Penny-Pinching Way

Want a FREE copy of it?

work optional book

Answer this question down below in the comments or via email, and you’ll be entered to win… And this time we have *TWO* copies to give away (Thanks Tanja!), as well as it being open outside of the U.S. too 🙂 (Thanks, hachette Books!)

What’s one hack you’re doing right now to help you reach FIRE faster? How much money – or time – has it saved you already so far?

Mine would be knocking down our cell phone plans from $150+/mo to $50/mo, netting us a sexy $100 bill each and every month. And since it’s now been almost 4 and 1/2 years since that fateful day, it means a total savings of $5,400 banked so far – for a ONE-TIME MOVE!!

Tell us yours tricks now and you’ll be entered to win 🙂 GOOD LUCK!

Let’s see what blogger comes out with a book next, haha… I’m voting for Mr. Money Mustache, but something tells me he’s too cool to be bothered with such things 😉

Links to the book above are Amazon affiliate links


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