Tooth Fairy payouts plunges for a 2nd consecutive year ðŸ§šâ€â™€ï¸

Tooth Fairy payouts plunges for a 2nd consecutive year 🧚‍♀️

tooth fairy index

I know this was at the top of your mind this year, so had to share the second I caught wind 😉

Tooth Fairy Payouts Plunges for Second Consecutive Year!

According to the Original Tooth Fairy Poll® by Delta Dental, average monetary payouts are down $0.43 from last year, bringing the current rate to $3.70 for a single lost tooth.

$3.70 a tooth – can you believe it???

But don’t worry, because not all hope’s lost… The Grand Daddy of all prized teeth (the *first* one lost) is still holding strong at a solid $4.96. Whew.

If you were wondering how it fares across the nation, they have stats on that too:

  • The West: $4.19/avg — the highest average monetary gift for a lost tooth
  • The South: $3.91/avg — recently jumped a position over The Northeast
  • The Northeast: $3.75/avg — recently lost their 2nd position to The South
  • The Midwest: $2.97/avg — over 70 cents less than the country’s average

And don’t think this isn’t applicable to the national economy either, oh no.

The Original Tooth Fairy Poll has typically served as a good indicator of the economy’s overall direction, tracking with the movement of Standard & Poor’s 500 Index (S&P 500) for 14 of the past 17 years. A year ago, a single lost tooth was valued at $4.13 and dropped to $3.70 in this year’s survey, down 10 percent. Over the same time period, the S&P 500 also saw a decline and decreased by 3 percent.

So no more Vanguard index funds for me!! Time to go “all in” with the Tooth Fairy IndexSM! TFI, baby!!! Haha…

Oh Lordy, this blog has gone down hill fast, I’m sorry… 😉

On a more serious note, though, the Tooth Fairy did just pay my son a visit last week, and he’d be proud to tell you that he got a 33% increase from the last score if he knew how to do math 😉 Though to be fair, the TF around here only bases her gifts on “the cool factor” over any specific amounts, as my kids still couldn’t tell you the difference of what 100 cents can buy you vs $100. To them for some reason everything costs $100?!

Here’s what my son is now the new proud owner of:

two dollar bill

(Sadly it did not compete as well as the first tooth’s half dollar and $1.00 ring, but how can you
beat your first Tooth Fairy visit?? Or a money ring, for that matter? ;))

Next on the list (shh…) are those $1.00 gold coins our government continues to produce even though no one really uses those either…

But hey, more cheap goodies for my kids! Because ain’t no way I’m shelling out $4.00 or $5.00 for a vagabond tooth… They can’t even do their job and STAY IN THERE!

Plus, my kids get more joy out of playing with their homemade Tooth Fairy container than they do the contents that finds its way in there anyways… And I don’t blame them, look how fun they are!

tooth fairy box

(Shout out to last year’s summer camp for this one! That’s an art’d up Altoids tin!)

So yeah, that’s the latest on The Fairy these days… be glad if you don’t have kids 😉

You can learn more about the official poll and tracker here:

Or to see how my first rodeo went down, along with my own scientifically conducted poll, click here: In Which My Son Loses His First Tooth, And I Freak Out Trying To Figure Out The Going Rate of The Tooth Fairy

Thoughts/Comments/Concerns – share below and we shall discuss!

And I’d love to know what YOU’RE currently giving your kids for all those slacker teeth too… Or I mean – what the TOOTH FAIRY is giving them. She can do whatever she wants with her money! 😉


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