Top 10 Highest-Paying Jobs With Low Stress

Top 10 Highest-Paying Jobs With Low Stress

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Looking for a new job?

One that pays well without much stress?

No problem – here’s a list of some of the best ones according to I just caught… Should be pretty easy to just go out and snag one, yeah? 😉

(Stress tolerances ranked from 0-100, with the lower the number the less stressful the job is, per The Department of Labor’s O*NET Online occupational database)

  1. Materials Scientists — Stress tolerance: 53 // Average salary: $101,910
  2. Mathematicians — Stress tolerance: 57 // Average salary: $104,700
  3. Economists — Stress tolerance: 59 // Average salary: $112,650
  4. Statisticians — Stress tolerance: 59 // Average salary: $88,980
  5. Geographers — Stress tolerance: 59 // Average salary: $76,790
  6. Physicists — Stress tolerance: 61 // Average salary: $123,080
  7. Chemical Engineers — Stress tolerance: 61 // Average salary: $112,430
  8. Political Scientists — Stress tolerance: 61 // Average salary: $112,030
  9. Software Applications Developers — Stress tolerance: 61 // Average salary: $106,710
  10. Materials Engineers — Stress tolerance: 61 // Average salary: $98,610

So basically, the better you are with numbers the better the chance of striking gold! Perhaps since numbers can never talk back or disrespect you?! 😉

I also like that none of these jobs came anywhere close to having a stress level tolerance of 0, haha… Probably because *those* jobs pay next to nothing to have that much fun! Not unlike blogging, where you can make anywhere from $0.00/year to $1,000,000/year with an exact median of $5.00/year – hah!

Still, I like these lists better than the “highest paying jobs in the world” types we’ve shared before since it encompasses a much more well-rounded picture than focusing simply on the money.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but if you’re a highly emotional individual like yours truly, these things tend to matter to your quality of life! Or possibly even having a life, for that matter!

For example, here’s a smattering of some of the more lucrative jobs we’ve featured on this site in the past, of which I’d maybe try two of them if ever forced to, haha…

  1. Neurosurgeon –> $643,000
  2. Petroleum Engineer –> $265,000 (here’s the first, though not sure exactly what it entails?)
  3. Dentist –> $253,000
  4. Petroleum Geologist –> $247,000
  5. Actuary –> $208,000 (and here’s the second – because death!!!)
  6. Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) –> $205,000
  7. Underwater Welders –> $100+/hr
  8. Tattoo Artists –> $100+/hr

Fun to dream about though and how much faster it would get you to FIRE! 🙂 Anyone here rock any of these jobs and can give us some good insight?

Here’s the two posts where these come from if anyone’s interested: 10 Jobs That Make at Least $100 an Hour, and The 6 Best (And Highest Paying!) Jobs in America

How about your job? How would you rate both its stress and pay?

Does it match your personality/lifestyle, or are you completely chasing the money???

It takes all kinds to run this world, so I thank you for your contribution regardless! 🙂


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