A few books to give away today… :)

A few books to give away today… 🙂

financially related books

Been starting to clean off my shelves for our upcoming move (more on that in a bit), and came across a few books I thought you might enjoy 😉

Two of them may seem pretty random, but they actually do tie into money!

Here are the books, followed by how to enter if you’re interested in any…

#1. “Work Optional” by Tanja Hester of OurNextLife.com

work optional book

This one you already know about from our giveaway earlier in the year, but stumbled across another copy I had so here’s another chance at it if you missed out the first time around 🙂

Via Amazon:

In today’s work culture, we’re expected to hustle around the clock. But what if you could escape the traditional path and get on one that doesn’t require working full-time until age 65? What if you could wake up every day without an alarm clock and do the things you love most?

Tanja Hester and her husband Mark left their crazed careerist lifestyle to live their dream life in Lake Tahoe, retiring early from high-stress careers. Now Tanja will help you map out a customized plan for freedom and make it easy to succeed, whether you’re good at math and budgeting-or not!

Work Optional is more than just a financial plan: it’s a plan for your whole life-designed by you, not by an employer or clients. Tanja walks you through envisioning your dream life, accounting for variables such as health care and children, protecting yourself from recessions and future unknowns, and achieving a purpose-filled early retirement, semi-retirement, or career intermission with completely doable, non-penny-pinching steps.

You can live a happier, more meaningful life, free from the daily grind. Regardless of where you are in your career, Work Optional will get you there.

More info here: Work Optional: Retire Early the Non-Penny-Pinching Way

#2. “Selections From Walden by Henry David Thoreau”

selections from walden book

Picked this bad boy up from a used book store a while ago to blog about, but seeing how it hasn’t happened in 4 years now I think it’s finally time to find a new owner, haha…

If you’re a FIRE lover you know this is one of the “required readings” so often mentioned, so now’s your chance at the CliffsNotes version like the true FIRE hacker you are! 😉

Here’s a summary from a new $$$ blogger on the scene who’s aptly named, WannaBeWalden.com:

“Walden” is a an old book written by Henry David Thoreau. Henry moved into a little house in the woods, and stayed there for two years. He embraced frugality, and simplicity. By doing so, he found happiness and freedom. If we let us be inspired by Walden, the world of freedom is right in front us.” – WannaBeWalden.com

[FYI the book is pretty beat up, but it does have a really neat bookplate of mushrooms in it for any of you bibliophiles out there 😉 Would also be fun trying to track down the original owner!]

#3. “Show Your Work!” by Austin Kleon

show your work! book

Lastly, Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon whose newsletter I’ve been immensely enjoying since being recommended by Cait Flanders a few month ago…

He’s more of an artist/writer than $$$ blogger (in fact, he’s not even remotely a $$$ blogger so I don’t know why I just said that?! Haha…) but I’m always finding good takeaways from him, and if you’re an entrepreneur of any sort you probably will too…

Here’s the table of contents which sums it up pretty well (though I must add there are almost as many pictures in it as there are words, which also makes it an enjoyable read ;)):

  1. You don’t have to be a genius.
  2. Think process. No Product.
  3. Share something small every day.
  4. Open up your cabinet of curiosities.
  5. Tell good stories.
  6. Teach what you know.
  7. Don’t turn into human spam.
  8. Learn to take a punch.
  9. Sell out.
  10. Stick around.

More info about the book here: Show Your Work!

Want any of these???

Tell me which one – and why – in the comments below or via email, and you shall be entered to win. I’ll leave the giveaway open until the end of the weekend, and then close it out and notify winners Monday afternoon. (As well as update this post with the winning names as well)

Good luck!

And thanks for reading the blog!!

books dancing gif

PS: U.S. residents only, sorry 😦

Links to books above are Amazon affiliate links….


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