Phrases to use instead of “I Don’t Want to Spend Money”

Phrases to use instead of “I Don’t Want to Spend Money”

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Caught this on Twitter and had to reshare!

i dont want to spend money alternatives

Great alternatives!

So many of us struggle with saying “no” to stuff, but it’s not because we don’t care or *want* to do a lot of these things, but it’s simply ’cause we’re trying to keep our $$$ reigned in!

So having an arsenal of lines like this is SMART to have in your pockets for whenever you need to whip ’em out, and even better to master one or two of them so you can really perfect the presentation.

Here are some others I like as well because they divert the attention away from the “no” and instead pull out the curiosity in others which could lead to even better stuff!

  • “Sorry – can’t eat out tonight because I’m trying to hit FIRE” (“Wait what? What’s FIRE?!”)
  • “Would love to attend but I’m not allowed to spend any money this month” (“Huh??! How are you not allowed??!”)
  • “Can’t make it I’m afraid because I just paid off my credit cards and don’t want to tempt myself!” (“Holy $hit – congrats! How did you pull that off??!” (“From saying NO more, just like I’m doing here!” ;)))
  • “How about we do something FREE instead?” (“Oh cool, like what?”)

Any chance you have to spread the good $$$ word, you take it! Haha… Because you know for damn sure your friends and others are struggling with this stuff too!! And maybe your confidence will spark them to take action as well? You could even go on to form your own accountability group together, turning it into a huge nerdfest up in there!!

At least in my corny financial dreams, haha…

But really, if you can just come up with something you’re *super comfortable* responding with time and again, you’ll have won the Game of Freedom. Doesn’t mean you can’t partake in the fun every now and then, but if you say YES to everything you’re essentially saying NO to your future. Choose the stuff that excites you the most and then say NO to everything else!

As Derek Sivers likes to say, if it’s not a “HELL YEAH!” then it’s a “no.”

And of course the more you practice the better you’ll get.

Any lines y’all like to use over there to avoid the awkwardness? Or do you just OWN IT like a rock star and say no and move on?! 🙂

Let’s keep adding to the list!

PS: Never came across that site before – The Modest Wallet – but their social channels are legit. Spent a good 20 mins devouring their Twitter and Insta yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed ’em!


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