Things you can do that rich people do

Things you can do that rich people do

liberty penny

Might want to bookmark this one for whenever you’re feeling down 🙂

A list of everything you can do whether you’ve got millions in the bank or not:

  • Go on a walk
  • Go on a hike
  • Go out dancing
  • Play some sports
  • Play some games
  • Travel somewhere new
  • Eat somewhere new
  • Make some friends
  • Make some memories
  • Fall in love
  • Fall in bed
  • Do art
  • Do *it*
  • Learn something new
  • Build something new
  • Listen to music
  • Play some music
  • Go to the movies
  • Go to the bowling alley
  • Go out fishing
  • Go to the driving range
  • Visit museums
  • Visit your best friend!
  • Snuggle with cats
  • Snuggle with tea
  • Read Budgets Are Sexy
  • Read a new book
  • Write your own book
  • Visit a park
  • Soak in a tub
  • Soak in the wildlife
  • Soak in LIFE

You don’t need to be rich to be happy!

Remember to enjoy the ride!


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