14 Frugal (and Actually Helpful!) Moving Tips

14 Frugal (and Actually Helpful!) Moving Tips

clothes moving trick

So I’ve gotten into the habit of checking Twitter #trends in the mornings now, but every now and then I leave pleasantly surprised 🙂

The other day was one of those times, when I came across this list of over 300 awesome moving tips that I’d never thought about before… Like that idea up there of putting your hanged clothes in trash bags! Genius!!

You can click on that link up there if you want to scour all of them, but here were my favorites that I found most helpful. So so clever…

  • While taping cardboard boxes, place yarn underneath the tape and longer than the tape — just pull the yarn and—boom! – @JenniPxox
  • Those big blue bags from Ikea. They’re huge, don’t take up much space when folded, and can be used over and over. I’ve used them for 4 different moves now – @PaigeUnabridged
  • Best trick I have (used many times), put masking tape on every closet, cupboard, drawer that you finish emptying. It not only helps you track progress, but gives you small “I did it” rewards along the way. – @TerniValentine
  • Use towels to cover your plates and pans. Decreases plastic use (bubble wrap) and pack both at the same time. – @thegirllogan_
  • Wrap a bunch of clothes on hangers in sheets! – @kalei_lagunero
  • If you have a lot of books or other heavy items, fill boxes with them only halfway, and then fill the rest of the space with something light like pillows or sweaters. – @ScenicOakland
  • Or pack them in rolling luggage so you can just wheel them around. – @mbafgth
  • If you need to disassemble anything, please for the love of god, duct tape the screws and any other related hardware you take out TO the actual item they go to. Just trust me. – @NebFeminists [Editor’s note: I do this for all our cribs and bunk beds – works beautifully!)
  • For framed artwork that’s poster sized and larger, shipping boxes for bicycles are the jam. Most bicycle shops keep a few empty boxes on hand and 99.99% of the time they should be free. They even have built in handles. Just ask your local shop for a “bike box” and they’ll know.@themunson
  • The plastic cling wrap stuff is a life saver! Wrap it around furniture with drawers, on edges of mirrors or anything you want to keep together. – @zybrittany
  • My furniture isn’t fancy. I sharpie little notes to the underside for how to reassemble it. E.g. the Ikea Poang armchair where all the holes look the same except 2 specific ones need the longer screws and I’ll forget which unless I label it. – @CantabKitty
  • Go to the McDonald’s in your town and ask for their mcfry boxes, they hold up to 100lbs, they stack perfectly, and they’re FREE! My mom has used them for every move we’ve ever done! – @RiriBanana016
  • Pack a box of “immediate use” items. paper towels, cleaner, plates, cups, etc. That way when you get to your new home you have quick access to the critical stuff. – @heyshachi

And then I’ll add one of my own to the list: Tubs!! We purchased about 30 of them years ago, and have since made packing and moving about 100x easier/faster. Especially when making multiple trips back and forth (you just dump and re-load!). They also stack well, and don’t take up much space in storage so you can repurpose over and over again…

target tub

What do you think? Tried any of these before? Got any other good tricks to add?!

Hope this helps for all those about to take the plunge themselves!

[Pic, and idea, up top by @thegirllogan_]


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