You may be a money nerd, if…

You may be a money nerd, if…

fanguard mug

You may be a money nerd, if…

  • You track 2 different versions of your net worth
  • You fund a college savings account – even though you don’t have any kids yet
  • You own 3x more credit cards than you do shirts, because #TravelHacking
  • You have a calendar item set up to check your credit report annually
  • You go to FinCon every year – even though you don’t have a blog
  • Your mug collection boasts of spreadsheets, budgeting, or Vanguard
  • You get more heated debating the RE in FIRE than you do in politics!
  • You love talking about backdoor roths, even though you don’t fully understand it 😉
  • You’d rather stay in budgeting on a Friday night than go out partying because OMG WHY WOULD YOU SPEND $7.00 ON A BEER WHEN YOU COULD GET 6 FOR THAT PRICE AT COSTCO?!
  • You have over 100,000 miles on your vehicle and you’re proud of it
  • You get more turned on being debt-free than pants-free (hubba hubba)
  • You have a very strong opinion on whether Dave Ramsey is good or not (He’s good!!)
  • (You know who Dave Ramsey actually is)
  • You know just when to call up Comcast and get your bill back lowered again
  • You have a monthly competition with your spouse on who can beat each other’s credit score
  • You’ve pre-selected, and paid for, your future burial spot already
  • You haggle at stores as if they were yard sales
  • You have stickers on your laptop that say things like “Frugal ≠ Cheap” and “Set your life on FIRE
  • And you know that carrying around umbrellas are more than just for the rain

Nerd on!


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