Could you sell your house and all your possessions like Elon Musk?

Could you sell your house and all your possessions like Elon Musk?

tesla roadster orbiting earth

Just saw this tweet and about spit my coffee all over!

elon musk selling everything tweet

No house!! Or possessions!

From a BILLIONAIRE who can have anything and everything under the sun! Wowwww!!!

So WHY????

possessions weigh you down

“Possessions just weigh you down.” BOOM. Damn truth right there.

And of course he still needs a place to live and HAS to keep at least one of his own cars, right???!, but seeing how he’s just listed a couple of his LA homes for sale, it looks like he’s starting to put his money where his keyboard is…

And I love him for it!! So does the rest of the minimalist community I’d imagine as it only amplifies our message! 🙂 If a billionaire can keep their wants in check, why can’t the rest of us?? Or perhaps that’s precisely why he’s able to do it easier? Because the thrill of the “wants” are now gone?

Whatever the case, we all know that the more you own, the more you have to maintain, so if you’re going for pure FOCUS improvements this would certainly be a way to get it.

And I’ll admit I’m a tad bit jealous too! Not for his money at all, but just for the fact he can make moves like that without his family getting all pissed off! 😉 Though from another tweet he shot soon after, it looks like his gf isn’t exactly on his side, haha… So even more power to him!

If anyone gives you $hit, Elon, just pass along this line mic drop style:

Freedom > Money > Stuff

3 simple words that have gone on to immensely change my own life. We’re all in different phases of this, but it ultimately comes down to the freedom to CHOOSE our own lives instead of letting others choose for us…  “Choose Yourself” as James Altucher would say.

Normal people get normal results, so if you want something extraordinary you need to make extraordinary changes! And rerouting your life towards *freedom* instead of *stuff* is a major first step towards that transition.

So keep doing YOU, señor Musk! Keep showing the world there are other ways to live your life than what’s expected, whether we want to head to other planets or simply create a better life for ourselves here on Earth. It’s not always easy to follow even when we KNOW what we should be doing, but hearing people like you just going for it definitely helps inspire.

So thanks!! And I’m rooting for you over here!

What say my other minimalists in the house? Think you could take it to this level or is it too extreme for you? What’s the biggest thing YOU’VE ever given up to improve your lifestyle?

Pic up top via Wikimedia Commons – It’s the Tesla Roadster orbiting Earth!!


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