Good Personal Finance Reads From Around the Interweb!

Good Personal Finance Reads From Around the Interweb!

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Happy Friday, y’all!

Here are a handful of good reads and fun stuff for personal finance nerds from around the web recently …


How to sell feet pics online via Make Save Spend Give  “Yes, people will pay you for feet pics. I know you have questions, maybe you don’t even believe that it’s possible. Trust me I just spent 10+ hours researching this stuff, it’s true.  You can really earn money online by selling pictures of your feet.”

How my Grandfather Saved Money via Margin Matters — “My grandmother outlived my grandpa by about 5 years. It wasn’t until after her death in 2016 that my dad tells me a story in which I immediately responded with, “Those are the kinds of stories you need to be telling your grandkids!”

Who Pays for This? via Collaborative Fund —  “We’re all just guessing, but when this is all over – however you want to define that – it would not surprise me if the direct federal cost of Covid-19 is something north of $10 trillion… I’ve heard many people ask recently, “How are we going to pay for that?”

a coffee shop is open for takeout only

Caffeine = charity in these crazy times

Buying Coffee Is My New Charitable Cause via Impersonal Finance —  “Businesses are hurting and I find myself needing an extra jolt in the afternoon to stay motivated while working from home. It’s a win win for both parties.”

Australia FIRE Survey 2020 and Interactive Dashboard! via Aussie FIREbug — “While the answer to each question is very interesting in itself, I decided to take things a step further and create what could possibly be the very first interactive FIRE dashboard … ever?”

How to Get Money to Stick to Your Fingers via The Escape Artist —  “In other words, your money outcomes will never change if you don’t change your beliefs around money, your values and the way you see yourself (Identity).”

68 Bits of unsolicited Advice via Kevin Kelly, The Technium — “Friends are better than money. Almost anything money can do, friends can do better. In so many ways, a friend with a boat is better than owning a boat.”

My thoughts on the “Passive Investing Bubble” via Early Retirement Now — “When I hear the word “bubble” referenced in the popular media my BS radar is flashing red. Everything is called a bubble these days.”

How to Become a House Sitter via The Travelling Housesitters —  Despite COVID, there is still a big demand for both long and short term house sitters. People have empty second homes that need care, and some remote workers are finally hitting the road to explore their country! **Be safe and check local guidelines before booking any travel**

The Story Behind Statement Cards via Stefanie O’Connell Rodriguez & PFswagger —  “That’s not to say I think we should send expensive gifts or write people checks every time they get a promotion or pay off a credit card, but I do think something as simple as a greeting card can be a powerful way to acknowledge a milestone – like paying off a car or moving out on your own – which can take people years of hard work to accomplish.”

The Power of Small Increments via One Million and Beyond — “Wanting to save $10,000 is a big goal especially when you are just starting out … but if you start small say $100 per paycheck and you keep saving, over the course of a year this will add up to $2600. More than a quarter of the way there and you probably didn’t notice that the $100 was gone each pay.”

COVID-19: The Fall And Rise Of Jobs via Accidental FIRE —  “I found a cool new mapping site that shows this rise and subsequent fall of the unemployment rate in bi-weekly intervals at a county level for the entire United States.”

Free Vending Machines For Homeless (Video) via Rex Chapman, Twitter — “In the UK, these vending machines have water, fruit and other basic items for the homeless to access for free. Here’s how!”

Shark of the Ocean (Video) via @demarjaysmith — “Don’t put yourself down. Motivate yourself. Keep yourself UP.” Bookmark this and watch it in the mornings when you need motivation! 😉

BudgetsAreSexy, The J. Money Interview via Budgets and Brews (Podcast) —  For those of you missing J$ and want to hear his sweet sweet laugh, check out this podcast interview. J goes through his backstory about finding personal finance, investing tips and making money from blogging. 

And lastly, a short 6 Question Financial Quiz via FINRA Investor Education Foundation —  I only got 5 out of 6 right 😦 But apparently that’s better than the average Californian respondent. Take the quiz and tell me how you do!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend! I’m off to go take some photos of my feet! 🙂

– Joel

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